All players are required to register to our competitions through the Netball Connect platform. 


If you are an individual that plays for a Club please contact your club and ask for their registration form link to our competitions. 


If you are part of an entity team and you are not affiliated with a club please click here to register. 

 For further details contact: or phone 03 9560 7023. 

The Netball Connect app is an easier way to manage, play, score, and spectate. 

  • Follow your favourite team, watch game scores update in real-time, view draws and ladders

  • Communicate with your team directly through the chat function

  • Register directly to competitions, purchase uniforms, merchandise, and products.

  • Allocated scorers score directly in the app, recording player attendance and statistics

Download the Netball Connect app via the Apple Store here, and for Android click here