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We always welcome new players to Waverley Netball Centre at any time during the season.  However, Waverley Night Netball Association runs the competitions and programs at the Centre and does not manage any of the the teams or clubs that play here!

For any new players who are looking to play at Waverley for the first time in the Saturday domestic competition, we suggest that you contact one of local clubs to register your interest for the current or upcoming season.

Click here to download a list of local clubs that currently enter teams in our competitions, and includes all their contact details. 


When considering which club to join, ask the following questions:

  • What age groups or grades does the club have teams in?

  • Is there training, and if so, where and when?

  • What are club fees and costs for a season/year?

  • Are uniforms included or extra?

Asking these questions will help new players decide which club is best suited for their individual situation.  A club needs to fit within a player/family's lifestyle and schedule to ultimately be a positive experience.  

If you are looking for game in a social night competitions, please email and we collect details to pass on to teams looking for players. Details include, name mobile, playing positions and playing standard.

Male players:

  • WNNA welcomes males to play netball in the 11/U and Female 13/U competitions as per the by-laws.

  • Currently we don't have a mixed or male competition.

  • To grow male participating in Netball, more males playing against males, we have supported the Waverley District Netball Association in the development and growth of male netball.

  • We are excited to see that WDNA now has 70-plus male players, aged 13 - 17 playing in their competitions and teams entered in the M-League

  • WDNA Saturday competitions include mixed competitions for all ages.

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