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* Monday Open

    4th December (Semi Finals) & 11th December (Grand Finals)

       NB. there are no finals for Monday 11 & Under and the season finishes after Rd 18 on 27th November

* Tuesday Premier Open

    5th December (Semi Finals) & 12th December (Grand Finals)

* Wednesday Open and Premier 17 & Under

    29th November (Semi Finals) & 6th December (Grand Finals)

* Thursday 15 & Under and 13 Under

    30th November (Semi Finals) & 7th December (Grand Finals)

*Saturday Open, 17 & Under, 15 & Under and 13 & Under

    25th November (Semi Finals) & 2nd December (Grand Finals)

       NB. there are no finals for 9 & Under and 11 & Under competitions, and their seasons end after Rd 17 on 25th November


​Click HERE for the 2023 Spring Season finals times.

To be eligible to play in the finals:

  • Players MUST HOLD a 2023 Netball Victoria Membership.

  • Players must have played in the following number of games in the 2023 Spring season:

    • Premier sections: played in at least 5 matches in the season with the team they will represent in the finals. 

    • All other sections (40min games): played in at least 3 matches in the season with the team they will represent in the finals. 

  • Teams must have fulfilled all financial commitments and be up to date prior to their first Finals game.

  • Normal court fees apply for all Finals games.

  • All teams MUST supply a scorer to score your match. One scorer from each team must sit/stand together and score.

  • Players must be in correct approved playing uniform.

  • Players must be correctly registered for all of their respective competitions that they are qualified to play in Finals for to ensure that their name appears on scoresheets.  Players who have not been added to their team list and, therefore, will not appear on to scoresheets WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO PLAY.


Click here for the Night Competition information

Click here for the Saturday Competition Information

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